Monday, September 14, 2015

First Concerts and Memories @PTXOfficial #Pentatonix #TookMyDaughtertoLakewood

Some time back in January, my daughter came to me all excited because a group she adores was coming to Atlanta.   I remembered when my mom took me to my first concert (Men At Work at the Omni Arena) and wanted that experience for my daughter too.

I eventually managed to figure out she was referring to Pentatonix (a great acapella group) and found out that they were to be the opening act for Kelly Clarkson.  Now, my daughter does like Kelly, but she's not a big draw for her.  No offense, we do enjoy her music, but my daughter is addicted to acapella.  I kept quiet about it all, but managed to get VIP tickets for her birthday to the Kelly Clarkson/Pentatonix concert.  She had to wait until last week to actually use them.

To my surprise, they actually had two other performers last Thursday.  Abi Ann and Eric Hutchinson.  Both good, though of the two we preferred Eric Hutchinson.  He was a very high energy performer.  The openers had to cut their parts short, though, due to the weather NOT behaving at the time that everything was supposed to start.

Of course, the highlight of the evening was Pentatonix for my daughter.  She wore her Pentatonix concert shirt to school on Friday.

We did stay for a good bit of Kelly's performance. I took pictures, but they all were REALLY BAD.  So, no proof here of that.  As we had to get up at 5:30a for school Friday, we left the concert around 10p.  That was apparently a doubly good thing as there was a bad wreck on 85N that happened just ahead of us.  If we'd been any later, there would have been a bad back-up as well.  So, we snuck by and were home by 11p.

So, while we didn't stay to enjoy all of Kelly's concert, I can say my daughter was thrilled with her first big concert.  That, of course, being my entire goal for the evening.
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