Friday, August 14, 2015

Touring Tybee Island - Lighthouse and Museum

After Fort Pulaski, we headed to Tybee Island's Light House.  Admission was $9 for my husband and I.  Both of my kids were still considered "children", which meant their admission was less.  A small museum that hosts 3 houses (2 open to the public) and a summer kitchen as well as the lighthouse itself. 

Of course, the big thing is to climb the lighthouse.  178 steps with a landing approximately every 25.  I don't like heights, so I didn't stay up there long, but I did do a circle around to get some wonderful photos.

There is a museum across the street that is included in the price of admission to the lighthouse.  The museum is housed in the Battery Garland of Fort Screven.  A couple of floors inside with exhibits, which also show how the battery was laid out.  You can also wander to the top and check out the view.

From here we headed to the North Beach Bar & Grill for lunch (good burgers and wings).  Then we headed to the beach itself to walk.  I, of course, had to find shells to bring home.

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