Monday, August 17, 2015

Touring Savannah - Bonaventure Cemetery and WrapUp #SavannahGA #family

On our way back from Tybee Island, we made one last stop to explore.  My husband misunderstood something he read about tours and the cemetery and he thought you had to pay to visit.  It's actually open to the public for viewing (it would have to be, it's an active cemetery), though you do pay for the tours to take you through.  If you stop at the entrance, you can get a map that will show you some of the highlights of the cemetery that you can look for on your own.

It's a beautiful place filled with history.  After a while, even my daughter started looking for the "special" areas that the map and information guide talked about.

All told, we had a good time.  It was very hot and we did a lot of walking.  It costs a lot more to visit Savannah than it did 20 years ago,  so it took some finagling to figure out what we thought was most important and what we were actually willing to spend money on.  Most of the nicer houses charge to visit.  There are carriage rides to show you some of the highlights (for a fee) and there are ghost story tours you can take to get the "darker" side of Savannah.  Most tours, though, cost between $40-50 per person, so it can add up fast.  The same for parking ($2/hr in Tybee, $1/hr or so in Savannah).  Plan your tour well and you can make the trip cost affordable.  We did it on the fly and I think for the money we spent we came out pretty well.  Our big expenses were food & lodging more than what we took in.  I think if we come down again, we'll stay closer to Tybee and enjoy the beach longer.

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