Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Playing with ThermoPlastics with @GeekspaceGwinnett and @GBGHCosplay #Making #Cosplay

I took my kids out to Geekspace Gwinnett last Wednesday for a cool class they were offering.  Emily and Justin from Go Big or Go Home Cosplay were teaching a class on using Worbla and Thibracast.  My kids and I split up on what material to use.  My son and I chose Thibracast, my daughter went with Worbla.  Given cost of materials and shipping, I doubt we'll use this very often, but it was very cool to get to play with it and see what could be done with it.  The three of us made wrist cuffs.

These were the finished products.  Thibracast has a bit more give in it than the Worbla does.   But both were fairly simple to use.  Now we just have to finish them and paint them.  Not sure on the timeline for that part, I'll have to go get more acrylic paint.   We kept all of the scraps too to play with later.

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