Tuesday, June 09, 2015

My newest @StitchFix #review

I had such a great fix from Stitch Fix last time that I decided to try again for the summer.  It included 3 tops, one pair shorts, and a necklace.   I only truly "loved" two items.  The indian print tee top and the necklace.  The blue top was cute, especially as you could button the sleeves to be 3/4, but the material wasn't appealing.  The coral top with the open back didn't hang right on me and my daughter didn't care for it either.  The shorts were cute, but actually a bit too big.  I guess I've lost enough weight to not quite be a 10, but I'm not small enough to be an 8 yet either.  So, while hubs liked them, I decided I'd have to pass.

Not a total loss on the box, but I'm returning it all.  All 5 pieces were $115, but for just the two I'd have been paying close to $80.   So, I decided to pass on this one.  If you're interested in giving it a try, I'd appreciate your using my referral link.

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