Monday, June 08, 2015

Emptying the Attic before repairing the house

For those that may not have seen the picture on facebook, on the evening of Memorial Day, this tree came down on the house.  We've had it removed and had insurance out to give us an estimate. We're just waiting on the check to come in so we can begin repairs.

While waiting on that to happen, I had teenagers over to help me empty the bulk of the stuff in the attic. That included a large pile of empty boxes, which have since been crushed and taken to recycling, and piles of misc. stuff.

After it was all in the garage (thus taking up the entire garage), I sorted it into genres and peeked in some boxes. I found my old Intellivision (with games) and a dagger. Those have been moved back into the house to a new home.

The rest remains to be sorted into "keep", "trash", and "donate". I could easily do a yard sale, but those are a major headache. If I do a yard sale, though, I can get some of the misc. stuff out of storage and get rid of it too. Have to see how well the sorting goes and how willing I am to actually try to sell stuff.

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