Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's day at the Renaissance Festival

For Mother's Day, my family took me to the Renaissance Festival out in Fairburn.  I won tickets from Yea, Let's Go and thought it was the perfect time to use them.  We attended three of the shows, but I only got pictures from one.  The Tortuga Twins is always a must see for us, as is the bird show.  We shopped and ate in between each show, ending the day on Barely Balanced (an acrobat show).  My daughter and I were both dressed up as elves.  She played the "guard" to my visually impaired elf self.

My loot for Mother's Day.  A lovely pair of purple leather sandals (so comfy!), a crown to go with my outfit, and a rose.   My kids came home with their own loot as well.  My son purchased a recurve bow from the bowmaker.  My daughter purchased a carved, finshed staff with a red stone in it from the staff maker directly across from the bowmaker.

It was so hot, we only made it from about 11a-3p at the festival.  We came home after that.  We had a great time, though.

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