Monday, March 02, 2015

Medical Monday (updates, timelines, etc) @kpshare #diplopia #fistula

I'm still waiting on my referral.  So here's the timeline, for those who don't know.

Jan. 25th - headache
Jan. 26th - headache & double vision
Jan. 27th - visit KP Urgent care, referred for MRI
Jan. 28th - Get MRI, told to wait at Urgent care for results.  Referred back for CT scan. Spent approx. 8 hours in KP center finding fistula and confirming it isn't bleeding.  Told to wait up to 24 hours for referral to Peachtree Neurosurgery.
Jan. 29th - Call that referral is approved, call Peachtree Neurosurgery.  Told to wait for their Kaiser coordinator to call me to set up appt.
Jan. 30th - Call from Peachtree Neurosurgery. Dr. is unavailable for next two weeks.  Appt. on Feb. 9th with PA.
Feb 9th - Visit Peachtree Neurosurgery, spend 5 minutes with PA, told they will refer to Emory Neurosurgery.
Feb. 16th - No referral, call Kaiser to check on status.  Referral not received. Call Peachtree, they resend referral.  Call Kaiser to confirm receipt, get confirmation.
Feb. 17th - Call Emory to set up appt, can't find referral in KP system.  Call Kaiser, person who told me it was received misunderstood.  No referral in system.  Sent out various emails to various departments (including Peachtree).  Personal physician's nurse calls, sets up referral.
Feb. 24th - talk with Doctor, she has talked with head of outside referrals and put an "expedite" on the referral.
March 2nd - Still waiting.  Referral shows in system as pending.

So, while I can say the doctors at Kaiser are good and worth the effort, I'm not so sure about their current procedures.  In the meantime, I wait for them to determine if I can go to Emory while I have what amounts to a ticking bomb in my brain.  Maybe they think it'll be easier if it just starts bleeding and I end up in the ER?  I don't know, I'm just that frustrated.

As to my symptoms, some of them are still there.  I apparently had a sinus infection on top of all this (which is actually why I talked to my doctor on the 24th).  Clearing that up has taken away most of the pressure bands I've felt around my head at night (but not all).  I can generally see well enough to drive, though I'm limiting myself on how much and where for general safety.  Close up is a challenge and my eyes will generally double depending on what it is and how close it is.  For some reason, depending on the angle I hold my head (ie: tilted sideways to the left) my vision may double.  No big headaches, but my eyes do get tired and the more fatigued they are, the more issues I have.  I do have an ophthalmologist appointment later this month to check and make sure there isn't anything specific there going on.
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