Friday, February 27, 2015

Maxwell High summer camp for Middle School

My son has applied to be part of the lottery for Maxwell High School's program for 2015-2016 school year.  Last night we went by for their open house to a) see where it was, b) see what it looks like, and c) talk to some of the instructors.  It was a successful evening, my son is definitely praying he gets in.

While there, I found a flyer for their middle school summer camp.  The summer camp is a fundraiser for the school and runs June 1st-4th.  They have some really cool programs (I think).  Some of the possible programs for kids: automotive, cake decorating, construction, cosmetology, culinary arts, electronics, fire services and a lot more.  You can find out the list of options on their web site as well as descriptions.

Registration runs March 2nd and ocntinues through May 15th.  Camp cost is $80.  You would use to pay (like just about everything else school related).  If you're looking for camp options for your MS student, check it out.
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