Tuesday, January 13, 2015

@runDisney #WDW10K Minnie's 10K Race recap

I did better at taking pictures this time. Unfortunately, I didn't want to STOP to get pictures, so a lot of them are too blurred to actually see.Oh well. It wasn't   quite as cold this time, the wind was only 5-10 mph. I wasn't hurting when I started and I was able to warm up along the route. Both the 5K & 10K races started and ended in the same place in the EPCOT parking lot. The 10K added at the front by going down the main road and coming back before going into the park, and then swinging around the lake at Boardwalk.

I've heard about the "balloon ladies" at the races, but hadn't seen them until now. My daughter and I didn't train as well as we should have and it showed. We managed to stay ahead of the balloon ladies, though, and finished the race without her dying at the end. So we were good. For those that don't know about these ladies, they are the last ones to start the race and always maintain a 16-min mile pace (the minimum pace you have to maintain during Disney races). So, if you stay ahead of them, you won't be swept from the course. Something those doing the Dopey or the Goofy really have to be careful of. (The only race NOT timed is the 5K.)

We saw the balloon ladies first on the road out in front of EPCOT. We were about a mile ahead of them. We saw them again when we were in front of Beach Club and they were on the opposite side of the lake by the ESPN Zone. We also saw quite a few people suddenly scatter from the picture taking by ESPN Zone (where Mickey was holding court) when the balloon ladies approached.

We did manage to finish strong by running the last .2 mile to the finish line.  You'll have to wait for official photos (assuming I get them) to see my costume (Mary Poppins).

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