Monday, September 08, 2014

Ruckus the Goblin Army #tabletopgame #kickstarter

I backed this kickstarter project and received it a bit over a week ago.

My daughter and son played it with me the first time to help figure out how it works.  We then set it up as the family game last week and played it through with my husband.  It took us probably 1.5 hr to play it all the way to the end.  We discovered that playing the Thieves's Guild and putting Bang and Boom in regularly tends to slow down the action.  Of course, I found this hilarious as I was the one playing Thieves.

Our layout on the table isn't quite what it's supposed to be in the book.  However, our table is considerably smaller and we had to scootch things around to make them fit.  It's a cute game. We've only played with the pre-set "starter" armies so far, next time through we'll try it with the advanced set-up and see how it plays.

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