Thursday, September 18, 2014

Driving Miss Daisy @AuroraTheatre

I was given passes to attend media night at the Aurora Theater in downtown Lawrenceville.  I didn't do what I did last time, which was to have dinner at one of the restaurants downtown.  When I got to the downtown area, most of the restaurants were full and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get in and eat in time to go to the show.  So, instead, I just had a cupcake at Special Kneads.  Not the best dinner, but definitely satisfactory for my night out.

From the theater site:
"This timeless story follows the unlikely 25 year friendship of Miss Daisy, a Jewish widow and her African-American chauffeur Hoke. In 1948 Atlanta, their relationship gets off to a steely beginning, but as they navigate the bumpy road of bigotry together a profound, life-altering friendship blossoms. Full of wit and charm, this 1988 Pulitzer Prize winner takes audiences on an unforgettable journey."

The set is fairly simple, keeping with the story line.  3 chairs were the car, a desk for Boolie, and a chair for Daisy.  The theater was an intimate setting and you're very close to the cast.  Seating is general admission.

The doors opened a little before 8 with the show starting about 8:30.  It's back to the original theater production, so keep the movie out of your minds if you go.  With 3 cast members performing the entire show, it lasts about an hour.  Hoke Colburn was played by Rob Cleveland, Daisy Werthan was played by Jill Jane Clements, and  Boolie was played by Jared Simon.  All three cast members did an outstanding job with their roles.    A wonderful story, but definitely not politically correct.

The show runs through October 19th.  The lead actor will change on September 28th.  Tickets are $25 and can be purchased from the Aurora Theater website.

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