Monday, June 23, 2014

Walking Charlotte Amalie (St. Thomas)

When we arrived in St. Thomas, we took a taxi over to the downtown area of Charlotte Amalie. We did more shopping and tried to check out some of the local sights, unfortunately they were either closed or under construction.  We visited the open air market as well. I, at least, had a blast checking out the vendors.  My daughter's favorite was a lady who put everything to song.  Hubs & son waited on the edge of the madness.  My dad helped me and my mom make some wonderful bargains.

From there, we had lunch at a little deli that's only open when there are cruise ships in port.  The owner's husband pointed out a couple of places for us to go see local history which included a Lutheran church. 

This is next to the Lutheran Church.  I just loved the balcony.

The Lutheran church.  There was a service in progress (we were there on Wednesday), so we didn't get to go in.  Still an impressive sight.

Plaque by the church describing it's history.

A historic hotel. We didn't go up the stairs (1000+ from what my map said).

Fort Christian. Currently undergoing reconstruction/repairs.  The "front" of this was just across the street from the deli where we had lunch.

The view from our room from the ship.

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