Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sunroom Floor #DIY #HomeMakeOver

My sun room is the most abused room in the house and the least used.  It's the between space from the yard to the house, the cool/warm area for the dogs to retreat to.  It's home of the turtles and the fish.  During the winter it's home to my house plants.  Yet, for all that, people rarely go in there.  So it's not surprising that it was in desperate need of a make over.  It didn't take a lot, just a couple of gallons of paint and some time.

When the sunroom was built, we put in an indoor/outdoor carpet.  That was long since removed and so the floor started out like this:

My daughter and I went to Home Depot and picked out a color (terra cotta red).  I swept and then vacuumed the floor.  After a single coat of paint, it looked like this:

I still have to do a second coat of paint, move the turtles to the other side of the room and paint the floor under where their tank currently is, but it's a huge improvement.  I'll do the 2nd coat on this section today.  Wednesday I'll drain and move turtles so that Thursday I can finish it up.  One more item on my summer to do list taken care of.

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