Friday, March 07, 2014

The softer side of fitness

When it comes to fitness, I believe there's more to it than just getting out and exercising.  Since I started my workouts in the morning after my son leaves for school, I generally have felt much better.  However, there are still days that I just feel wiped out.  I know that some of it can be contributed to stress.  Work stress, kid-related stress, general try to get it all done stress.  I know some of it is diet.  I've worked on "fixing" most of my diet, eating better (or at least more sensibly).  I've even evaluated things like the paleo diet to help myself out.  One thing, though, that I've known needed fixing isn't related to any of that.  It's related to getting GOOD sleep.

Stress, diet, exercise, can all related back to not getting good sleep as well.  What I'm thinking of though, is my bed.  After discussion with my husband (who doesn't sleep well either), we figured out that all of our mattresses were older than my son.  I have been waking up sore on various days, as has my husband. We finally got around to doing something about it, though.  We went out to The Dump and checked out their mattress sale.  We came home with new pillows and a delivery date. 

I won't have a direct relation between my fitness and a new mattress (or at least the days where I feel wiped out) for a while yet.  I'm hopeful, though, that it will make a significant difference in my over all health.
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