Monday, March 10, 2014

Tabletop games

The prompt from the SITS girls for today is your top 5 phone apps.  I decided instead to do my top 5 tabletop games.  So, in no particular order:

Coup - a great card bluffing game.  Plays quickly.

Voodoo Mania - a card matching (or mis-matching) game.  Plays pretty quickly.

Zombicide - a cooperative board game.  We have the base set, I think we need the add-ons.  Can take a long time to play a full game.

Postcards from America - a "traveling" game.

Settlers of Catan - a game of building, trading, and developing.  It can be cooperative, but doesn't have to be.

You can find most of them on amazon, but if you hunt your local card/game shops, you can likely find it for less.  Coup has been one of the more popular games when I've hosted a game day at my house.  Zombicide is what my two tend to head to when going to a Momocon sponsored gaming day.
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