Friday, February 07, 2014

#RinglingAtl @GwinnettCenter Built to Amaze! does!

My family and I were invited to attend the newest show by Ringling Bros. "Built to Amaze".  We actually made it to the preshow as well as to the regular show. Something we didn't get to do last time.  My daughter and I played in the wardrobe some, I wandered and met some of the clowns.  I also got a video of one of the clowns "playing".

It really gave us a taste of what was to come during the show.  The show we noted had more "show" to it than before.  It wasn't bad, it was just "more".  More dancers, more singing, etc.  I have to say I was impressed by the Ring Master as well as by the two that worked most with him. (Alex & Irina).  My daughter and I noted that Irina never seemed to stop moving! 

I had problems watching the foot walker go across the ceiling.  My daughter couldn't watch the Wheel of Steel.  Lots of fun, there though, watching the tumblers and the trampoline acts.  My camera (on my phone) really had problems focusing on the action, so I only caught the above video to give you a good sample of what went on. You can see some great photos, though, over on the Ringling Brothers facebook page. 

The little girls sitting behind me were totally enthralled with the show. Their ear piercing screams cut through even the loudness of the show itself. I was caught off guard initially, but was ok once I knew to expect it. If you listen closely to this video of Elliana Grace being launched from the cannon, you can hear them in the background.

I can say my daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. My son (teen boy) was actually impressed enough that he's contemplating writing a review of it for the blog he writes for. That, by itself, shows that even teens can have fun at the circus.
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