Monday, December 09, 2013

Testing with Choi Kwang Do

It was testing weekend.  Normally, there'd only be one or two of us testing.  This weekend was all three of us.  My son and I started it off on Friday night with color stripe testing. It was a nice group of black belts testing for color stripes. Something I don't always get to see.  There were 8 il-dan belts (9 including me) and 3 ee-dan belts (including my son).

My son decided to use my camera and get a couple of pics of me doing my thing. I guess it's a good thing as my husband (my photographer) stayed home with my daughter (who was testing Saturday afternoon).

And for those that know me and my facial expressions.. yes, I still make faces when doing stuff.  Some even like to make sure I'm aware of it as it happens.  Testing went well and everyone passed.  Congrats to everyone that was there.

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