Tuesday, December 10, 2013

ee-dan testing at headquarters (more Choi)

My daughter tested for her ee-dan belt (2nd degree black belt) in Choi Kwang Do Saturday. To say she was nervous might be an understatement. When she gets nervous or worried, she takes pictures like this one...

Once things get under way, though, she gets down to business and starts to focus.

She worked hard during the approximately three hour test.

The only problem with testing was that she didn't have her patches on her uniform.  This was pointed out to everyone at testing at the end when she was asked to stand in front of the group and tell about why/how she got started in Choi.  The Grand Master then asked why she didn't have her patches.. argh.  Talk about wanting to sink under the floor and stay there.  My daughter handled it, though, much better than I likely would have.  She got the giggles.   After we were away from headquarters, then she had her "real" embarrassment reaction.  GrandMaster did at least say she'd passed, without her patches.

You can watch videos of her testing on my channel on YouTube.
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