Monday, July 01, 2013

Travel Log: Continental Divide & 45th Parallel #Yellowstone

Something you may not think to look for when you're visiting Yellowstone is the Continental Divide. At this point, there is a small lake that flows in two different directions. On the west side, the water heads toward Firehole River. This leads to the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico. On the east side, the water heads toward the Snake and Columbia Rivers, eventually going to the Pacific Ocean.

Then there's the 45th parallel.  There's not much to see here but the sign and a river, but it's cool to know that you can stand there and say you were at the 45th parallel.


Unknown said...

That's neat! I don't remember either of those from our trip, I guess we missed them!

Linda Edwards said...

Very cool! Cant wait till I can take my Little ones to see these kind of sites.

Unknown said...

This is awesome!!!