Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday musings - School summary and hard choices

With the struggles we've had this year with school, we finally completed the school year. This past year I've had to watch my honor roll students turn into students with Cs and Ds. My son will apparently have to attend summer school to move up to high school as well. It's disappointing and frustrating on my part to know that I failed to keep them on track and doing better.

I found out at the last minute that his science class actually qualified to receive Carnegie credits by taking an EOCT. It caught me off guard only in that respect, it didn't change the effort (or lack thereof) that had been put into the class during the year. Both that class and his accelerated algebra class had EOCTs instead of finals. He did very well in Science and acceptably well in Math. Unfortunately, his efforts at EOCT weren't enough to bring his average up to an good level, so we did not accept the Carnegie units associated with them. I can only hope that he'll complete summer school well and get a fresh start next year at high school and be able to pull things out the way I know he's capable of doing.

As to my daughter, I have a hard choice to make now. As in, where will she be attending? I can put her back in GCA (I preliminarily put her on the enrollment list), I can leave her at GOC (her preferred choice), or I can send her to brick and mortar. I guess what we'll have to do this week is figure out what the best option is for her and go from that. I haven't been impressed by the teaching (or lack of) when it comes to math especially. She adores her language arts teacher and is fine with her social studies teacher. Her science teacher she has mixed feelings about. Personal feelings aside, though, I'm going to have to make sure whichever choice we make will give her the support she needs in her classes.

So I cannot call this year successful by any stretch of the imagination. It's a veritable stew of factors that created a disaster of a meal. I can only pray that it all works out with the choices that we make from here on out.

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