Thursday, May 16, 2013

Friday Furball (Mack from Snap-2It)

This is supposed to be posted tomorrow, but I've decided to add it to today's list. Please share so that I can find this sweet boy a home of his own. I'll have him at the PetSmart in Buckhead Saturday from about 12-4.

Instead of fitness friday, I decided I'd update on my foster doggie Mack. He's showing definite improvement with toy sharing, though he still has a way to go. I introduced him to "red dot" (laser pointer) and he loves chasing after that. He still loves to dash around the yard with Brooklyn and wrestle, too. He has yet to meet another dog he doesn't like (same goes for cats). He's VERY interested in meeting the new kitties that are at the adoption events at PetSmart and doesn't understand why he's not allowed to check them out (some are too little, some don't want to meet him).

As much as I like having him here, he really wants his own family. He'll curl up on the sofa with you to watch tv or movies, but is just as happy outside taking a walk or playing in the yard. He LOVES (read adores) squeaky toys, so be prepared to be squeaked out. Definitely house trained, he's good with crates too. He's not willing to pee/poop on a leash yet, so that's something that would have to be worked on if you don't have a fenced yard. His leash manners are better with the leash attached to his collar than his harness, but nothing that can't be fixed.

He's a really happy boy who's just happy to get whatever you'll give. You can find out more information about Snap-2it from their web site and you can fill out an application to adopt there too. His adoption fee is $150.

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