Monday, March 04, 2013

Designing my home

I'm tired of my house being cluttered and looking like a total disaster. I visit other homes or friends' homes and imagine what my home could actually look like. It would be nice if my family supported my efforts, but it is what it is and at this point I'll do what it takes to make me happy. In that manner, I've been wanting to put curtains or something up around my front door. The side windows are set up such that a tension rod doesn't hold well (cat pulled that one down) and putting screws/nails into the door itself isn't viable. Without mounting two rods at the top of the door frame (which I didn't care for), I was having a hard time coming up with ideas. At some point, though, I came across the concept of swing arm curtain rods. Those, though, can be expensive and not overly accessible in my area. I'm persistent, though, so I finally found these on ebay. I love the style they add to the front hall and they accomplish what I was wanting for the windows. Thanks to Big Lots, I found the curtains cheap too. All together the upgrade ran me about $50 (the cost of one set of new rods online).

I'm also working on organizing various rooms. I've reworked my utility room and dining room. I'm working on my kitchen (a big project in and of itself) as well as the den (mostly complete). A project I'm contemplating for the summer is to try installing my own hardwood floor in the den. I can't afford to do the whole house, but maybe I can start with one room and work my way around.

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