Thursday, February 07, 2013

Review: Flashdance the Musical

Thanks to the folks at Brave PR, I was given the opportunity to go see Flashdance the Musical at the Fox. To be honest, I had mixed feelings about going. I liked the movie and had no idea what they'd do to it in order to turn it into a musical. I was curious enough to want to know, but dreaded it turning into a bad remake. So, I bit the bullet but left off the leg warmers and took myself downtown to see what was up.

It was opening night and the theater looked to be full. They had the movie screen down playing shorts of old MTV videos. A definite blast from the past. The show itself focused on the key scenes from the movie. I loved the interpretation of some of the songs by the trio of women. They did a wonderful job. I think my favorite was "Kiki" singing Manhunt.

For those that are looking for specific moments, yes they did the dance with the water. :) And while they didn't do the big dive roll from the film, the dance was very impressive for the audition. The one key thing they didn't do in the show that I was kinda looking for was the part with the ballet shoes. They did the money, but left off the ballet shoes.

For the men in the audience, they could appreciate the outfits (or lack thereof). Just sayin'. ;)

A good rendition of the movie, all told. I won't call it my favorite show at the Fox I've seen (that still goes to Beauty & the Beast), but an evening well spent regardless.
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