Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday Fitness Update - Needs Water

I still have my membership to the Y that we haven't used since we joined. Sad really. With all the problems we had last semester with my son keeping up with his school work, I'd hoped to have everything resolved by now. Then I could start going on Tuesday/Thursday to the Y. What I didn't plan on was my work schedule interfering, or other activities get in the way. It sounds like a lot of excuses and quite likely it is. It is also the truth.

No big changes weight wise this week. I'm working on drinking more water, something I'm horrid at. For whatever reason, I don't like drinking water. It's ok after I've exercised or when I get too hot, but on a 'regular' day it just doesn't interest me. I prefer it to have some flavor to it. I could keep fruit (oranges/lemons) on hand and put their flavoring in it. I could also purchase flavored water, though that seems like a waste of money. I've tried the Mio, which was ok. I'm currently trying EcoDrink which is a vitamin/flavor that I found at SAMs club. Neither really impress me enough to get more. If someone has a good suggestion, I'd be happy to listen.
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