Friday, January 04, 2013

Off to a New Start (This & That)

School officially started back yesterday. I went back to work on Wednesday. So, we're back to the grind and trying to keep up with our work. The holidays were wonderful. I was able to visit family and generally just kick back and relax from the stress of the first semester. Hopefully, it'll stand me in good stead for this semester.

I don't make resolutions with the new year, I'm not good at keeping up with them. I do hope that I have a less stressful remainder of the school year, though I'm not holding my breath on that one. GCA starts intake for the next semester and I'll be running some of the new parents through their paces to make sure they're good to go. I have to maintain my current case load while I'm at it. So far my record isn't so good (though not for lack of trying).

I'll have to resolve schedule conflicts this year between GCA and GOC. Since I no longer have a child in the GCA program, they seem to be taking full advantage of that fact. But then, the requirements for my job keep changing. I was told when I was hired to be flexible and that's the way it seems to be going. There's only so much flexibility available.

I plan to have the kids work at the capitol this year. Now that my daughter's old enough, I'm going to get them in (hopefully) on the same date. It'll be my son's third year, my daughter's first. My son says it's not exactly exciting, but it is interesting. Both want to work in the House instead of the Senate. This is fine as our House representative lives a few houses down.

In February we'll find out of my son will be attending GSMST or Meadowcreek HS. That's enough stress for that as it is. I haven't decided if I'm going to torture myself by attending the draw, or just wait for the news. I probably won't make a decision on that until the day of.

With my kids and I on different schedules for holidays (mostly), there won't be much opportunity to run away for a while. It will make for an interesting April/May, for certain. I can't plan ahead for spring break yet, but it is something that I'll have to make arrangements for. My kids should be able to go do something without sitting at home, so I may send them off to grandparent's for a week.

Not much between that and CRCT, followed by the end of the school year. That's as far ahead as I'm looking right now. Anything beyond that just has to sit and wait to see how things are shaking out. Hopefully all will go well and I'll manage to keep my blog updated too.
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