Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Musings

I have to admit that I had a wonderful holiday. Not just because my family came and visited, though that was enjoyable all on it's own. No, the main reason was because I set work aside and refused to think about it (didn't even go in the office where my work laptop was). I also refused to allow the troubles we've had this semester with my son and school affect the holiday. This isn't saying that he didn't have to DO work, he did, I just refused to let it bother me.

I'm not used to this kind of stress. It's been a long time since college, which is the closest I can come to how I've felt lately. Even then, though, the troubles there don't seem half as bad now. Not to say I haven't been able to handle it. Lord knows there have been days that I've wanted to run away screaming. But having that weight lifted, even for a short time, was relatively rejuvenating. Now I'm living for the Christmas break.

So now I buckle down to work again and am prepared to sit on both of my children to get their work done. Next year my son is off to High School and the stress will change. I haven't decided what I'm doing with my daughter yet. I may just send her off to regular brick & mortar MS. I'll probably make that decision after the end of the school year.

As for work, I'll stick with it a while longer. As much as I enjoy my co-workers and the basic work I've been doing, I'm not sure I enjoy the job any more. That can be a combo thing from kids with school as well as work, or it could just be the work. Not sure. That one I'll also probably decide closer to the end of the school year. Of course, with the troubles GCA has had recently, that may be a moot point.

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