Friday, August 31, 2012

Adventures into @DragonCon

My daughter is a big Manga/Anime fan. I do enough to screen what she reads/watches, but I can't say I actually read everything she does. I know she does a lot of watching videos on YouTube, trying to emulate some of the dances that are done on music videos, etc. Last year, we wanted to try to get the kids to downtown Atlanta to at least see the parade that DragonCon holds each year. We didn't make it. This year, when flipping stations, we found ComicCon live on one of the cable stations. My daughter immediately decided she needs to go to some/one of these. This year, we're taking the kids to Dragon Con. I haven't been to DragonCon in some 20+ years. I don't see me dressing up this year (I know my husband won't). I'm doing good to get husband to go along any way, more to help me keep up with kids than because he wants to go. I figure if he hauls his camera, he'll get plenty of photography opportunities.

We're only going for one day (Saturday). My daughter was scanning the schedule and finding all sorts of things she wants to see. The big one being the CosPlay costume contest. I don't know if we'll stick around for that. She'll get to see enough of the costumes before hand. In the meantime, she and my son have been piecing together their costumes. My son is keeping it all simple. He's a demon hunter. My daughter is going as a character from one of her manga books. I don't know which, each time I ask she tells me something different. Fortunately, their costumes are mostly "regular clothes", so I don't have to worry about added cost (this year). I have a feeling she'll start pressing to learn how to use my sewing machine (something I don't know how to do very well) so she can make something more elaborate next time.

To keep up with it all, I've put the DragonCon app on my phone. There's more going on now than last I went, so I'm not sure which direction we'll go first. I know we'll visit the vendors (no money to spend, but we'll shop). My son will want to visit the robotics track that's going on. I'm not sure about the other tracks at this point. I think of this as an exploratory mission. Future participation to be determined for future years.

So, next week you'll probably see bunches of pictures from our adventures into going to DragonCon.. assuming I come out alive.

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