Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Opt OUT? You bet!

My son's teachers have given him (and other students) the chance to opt out of their 4th quarter exams. It takes extra work on their part NOW, to not have to do it LATER. My son, being who he is, is all about this. He loves the idea of finishing the year with CRCT and being done with the "hard stuff" as he puts it.

One of the requirements was to attend the CRCT reviews (live or recorded) with the teachers. We missed the Math ones (math classes were taken off his list as he's doing 8th grade math, which is ahead of the rest of the students), so I had the teacher send me the recordings. Instead of pacing himself, he decided to have a marathon math session and get it done. Now, he didn't have to do ALL of the sessions, just a majority. To play it safe, he's done them all.

The opportunity was to be able to opt out of whichever topic you didn't want to have to take (with the chance to opt out of them all). It turns out my son, who'd rather not do it at all, would rather do this than have to take the tests. More effort now, means significantly less later. That suited him just fine. So, if all goes well, he'll opt out of ALL of his exams.

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