Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy week & Updates

CRCTs start next week, which means this week is going to be busy busy busy. With work and trying to get others ready for their CRCTs, to my own kids and getting them to cooperate. So, if my posts seems sparse this week, that's my excuse. For today, I'll just give a few updates.

Updates from the kids..

For those that don't follow me on facebook, my daughter has passed another milestone in life. I won't go into details, we'll just say I knew it was coming, but thought we had a bit more time.

We've begun reorganizing the kids' rooms. My daughter and son both needed more space. So my son has downsized his bed, my daughter has taken one of the beds out of her room. For those that figure on staying with us, we do still have the futon and we're considering a sofa w/bed for the den. I'm now on the hunt for some desks to fit in the kids' rooms so we can re set-up their bedrooms for school work.

Updates about Choi..

I'm still debating whether we'll have the funds for me to test. I was given the final money tally and it's still somewhat prohibitive. It's the one thing about Choi that really bothers me. I know it's not our instructor's fault, so I don't blame her any. But when it amounts to $425 for my son to test, $25 for my daughter and then $175 for me, that's a lot. I was planning for my son's test, so he's a given. My daughter's fee is ok, so she'll test too. It's the almost $200 more for me to test. Of course, if I wait, my fee will go up. So, further thought and evaluation on this before a decision can be made.

Update on the puppy..

She's growing like a weed. She's about half of Sierra's size now (at about 6 months). I'll see about starting training for her after the CRCT madness is over.

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