Monday, March 26, 2012

Updates from the Garden

It's that time of year again. Time to try to clean up the yard, fix the garden and make everything beautiful. Unfortunately for me, I've been more sensitive to the pollen this year than usual. I can generally breathe ok (though my nose runs and I have the sneezes), but I end up with a headache. Not sure why this year is any different, but it is. So, I'm off to a slower start than usual. I finally butchered trimmed my azaleas. At the end of last year, several started dying back (drought maybe), so I had to cut back more than usual. I managed to trim back the boxwood at the mailbox too. It won't be taking over the box or attacking the mailman soon.

The overgrown/undergrown garden is ready to be worked with. The bulbs are coming up, hopefully they'll bloom for me. The water garden needs new plants. Weeds have taken over a lot of the rest.

I haven't done much in the way of planting, yet. I've got some plans for where we had the veggies last year. It's too shaded for them to properly grow, so it's turning into a shade garden. Gotta figure that one out. Maybe some ferns and some nice flowering plants. I like perennials, makes it easier next year. I figure on trying to do the planting during spring break, that'll give me time to come up with a plan and ideas.

I did manage to fertilize the front yard. I debated seeding it and decided to see how well fertilizing would work first. It may be that all I've done is give the weeds ammunition to grow, but at least it's something green.

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