Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frustration abounds

Blame it on the pollen, but I've found myself overly frustrated with just about everything lately. My family (various reasons), the pets (typical pet stuff), me (for being frustrated), work (no surprise there), etc etc. I know the causes of just about everything, but it hasn't helped my reactions. I was looking forward to spring break to at least get away from the school stuff, but the only part I'm getting away from is the work side of it. My kids will have to do some school work over the break. We'll also have 2 cars to get fixed during the week (oi).

I'd slow down, but I'm not sure how much slower we can go. School has requirements, work has requirements. Home is about the only thing I can slack off on, but even that hits a bad point. (Especially when I have a child that's not mine telling me my house is a disaster.)

Of course there's always the money issues. We've had those for a while and most days I can see the progress. I think that just looks bad because everything else looks bad. Then again, when I'm given the cost for my son and I to test for our new belts in June, I have to shudder. Everyone wants my money (including me).

So, of course it comes down to how to handle the frustration. I have no clue. I took off from my family for a little while last Saturday and went out to the Home Show. It was interesting, but not overly helpful. Sunday I got outside and worked on the yard (therapeutic in it's own way). I guess I'll just handle it as it goes and wait for my new plants to come in. Then spend a week outside with a headache (due to pollen) and get everything planted. Maybe when I'm done it'll all have gone away.

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