Thursday, January 26, 2012

Homeschooling redefined

I consider my children as "schooled at home" rather than your traditional "home school". Because it seems to be a thin line in the definition, I keep in touch with a lot of home school friends to see what's going on and what may supplement my children. Through them, I heard about the Georgia Home Education Association. This is/was a great resource for the legal side of home schooling and the laws around it.

I recently was sent an update through this group and went back to explore their site. Imagine my (somewhat) surprise to find out that they have redefined what "Homeschooling" actually is. Instead of the simple "child schooled at home", they've effectively excluded any family that schools through a public virtual school.

I suppose in a way it makes sense that they'd do that, but in another it's just sad that they felt it necessary. A lot of what affects most homeschool families also affects those of us that are public virtual. The exception is the funding for the curriculum, which is it's own issue all together.

I guess the point is, the world is changing and you have to watch what changes carefully. You never know when something small may change and it make a huge difference in what you can do.

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