Friday, June 03, 2011

Public Service Announcement Day

PSA part 1 - Special Committee Meeting

My brain is at the capitol today (or at least for the morning). The first meeting of a special committee to evaluate the Supreme Court ruling on the Georgia State Charter Commission being illegal. The principal of the Georgia Cyber Academy (and others) were invited to attend. The meeting itself is at 10a today. You can read the article by TalkGwinnett here.

PSA Part 2 - FurKids

More interesting PSA is for Furkids. We visited yesterday and got some great photos of some really sweet kitties.

Someone had Nintendo on the brain when they named these three cuddlers. This is Donkey Kong. This is Dixie Kong. This is Diddy Kong. All three are very sweet and LOVE to play with the 'red dot'.

This is Orchard. She and my daughter sat for a while just cuddling. She didn't want to share (hissed at cats passing too close) her lap. Though out of her lap, she did fine.

This is Foxy. She has a "twin" brother named Roxy. She's a cuddler, Roxy loved to play with the 'red dot'.

Another lap cat, this one is called Eclair. A sweet good sized girl.

Buffy snubbed my daughter's lap and came to mine instead. She was very happy there. She's rather petite in size.

On the opposite end size wise is Brownie. She's a tank of a cat. When she sits on your lap, you won't have a lap left.

I also wanted to note that Furkids now has their own thrift store. You can donate to it or purchase from it to help the shelter. The address for the Thrift is 4015 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Norcross.

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