Monday, June 06, 2011

No kids!

My kids are visiting their grandparents this week. Whatever will I do with myself? Most likely, I'll be cleaning out their closets and getting rid of stuff. This is a much easier chore when I have no kids around to say "no". I do know that at least one day this week, I'll be out at the Aquarium. I also want to catch up on the movies that my kids aren't interested in seeing (like Pirates and maybe XMen).

I also need to begin preparing for "Camp McLure" next week. I offered to take a friend's kids for the week. I've got a couple of activities/field trips planned. We'll be going out to Noah's Ark Thursday with GCA. We'll also go to the National Museum of Commercial Aviation Wednesday. (I didn't know this existed until recently.) I want to take them fishing one day too. My daughter's birthday is Monday, so I have to work that in. Her birthday party is actually Friday. Lots to do.

So I guess I won't be any less busy this week than I am when the kids are home. There's just too much to get done. When do I get my summer break?

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