Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting in shape

for the Walt Disney World 1/2 marathon. I've decided it's time to do it again, so I'm back in training. My first 5K is this weekend at the Women's Health 5K at Candler Park. From there, my daughter and I are doing a 5K with friends with Diamonds in the Rough. I'm still working out the rest of the year but am looking at the US 10K in September and the Merrell Mud Run in October. I've registered my family and I for the Family 5K at Disney which runs the day before the 1/2 marathon. Hubby has decided to run the 1/2 marathon with me this year, though I have a feeling either he'll zoom ahead or be falling behind.. dunno about the keeping pace thing.

My dad is supposed to do the 1/2 with me as well (he's done it with me before). My mom had lap-band surgery last year and she's in training to do the 5K with my kids. It should be a fun (if tiring) weekend in January next year. If you're interested in info on the Disney marathon weekend, you can find it here.

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