Friday, February 04, 2011

Sad realizations..

1 - I do not love my bank. Unlike the commercials, my bank gives me no reason to love it. We're still trying to get the house refinanced.. because they've taken so long they now have to 'recertify' the appraisal (which killed our house value when we got it). Since then one house in the neighborhood went up for sale as a bank-owned foreclosure and another for significantly less than ours was appraised at. MAKE IT STOP!

2 - I have to monitor my son more closely than I thought with school work. 'Nuff said.

3 - Volunteering at the Aquarium while schooling at home is very difficult.

4 - I worry about people I don't know. Waiting to figure out of a soldier I sponsor is ok as one package I sent came back unclaimed. Waiting to see if the rest of it comes back. Only good side is that he's not listed on the DoD site as deceased (not that that's a guarantee).

5 - I love my work out classes, but they're not enough to get me back in shape. I've even changed my diet. Gotta make more changes.

Okay. Self-pity party over (for now). I think I'll go have a chocolate martini.

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