Thursday, February 03, 2011

Fernbank Science Center

I've been going to Fernbank's Science Center since I was in elementary school at Stone Mountain Elementary. Over all it hasn't changed a huge amount, but it has changed some. When I first started going, the displays were primarily static.

Now they've added a science/space lab, have displays that change, and have even added live animals.

My kids and I went out there Monday with a group from the Georgia Cyber Academy. We saw one of the current planetarium shows (not one of my kids' preferred ones) and then had a scavenger hunt with some of the other students. THAT part my kids enjoyed. My daughter even decided that she needed to be the first to finish (and she was).

If you've never visited, it's worth the effort to get there. The center itself is free. The planetarium show has a small fee (about $3). You can spend a couple of hours exploring the center and the attached Forest (with trails). We didn't do the trail due to rain, but still had fun.

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