Friday, February 18, 2011

More Kitty Babies

My daughter and I visited yesterday (son stayed home). We played for a good while and noted some of the kitties from our last visit (Kamin, Fang) are still there, but we met some really sweet new babies too.

This was an adorable picture. My daughter was playing with kitties in one room, when the kitties in the neighboring room decided to watch. It was like watching a tennis match with the kitties in the window wanting that string mightily. :) Fang (from previous post) is the grey kitty on top in this photo.

This is Morgan. He's a sweet heart of a lap cat. He curled up in my daughter's lap and his motor box was loud enough to be heard across the room.

Marcellus is a sweet boy. Damage from his brother to his eye is permanent, but he was still determined to play with the string my daughter had.

Tigra enjoyed the attention we gave her, though I didn't try to take her down from her 'high perch'. Very sweet seeming girl.

You can find out more info on all these kitties at the web site.

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