Friday, January 28, 2011

Furkids visit

My kids and I made it back out to the Furkids shelter yesterday. We didn't stay much more than an hour, but I did get some pictures of our 'favorites' of the day. The first group is from the kitten room (of course). A requirement for both of my kids is to visit here (they made this a req.).

This is Tevin. A loud purring kitten. He'll make a great lap cat (and he's playful too) My kids were surprised to see little Laura still here. She was here last time we visited as well. She was happy to curl up on my chest in my arms and be loved. But she's still a playful kitten too. I wasn't as surprised to still see Curious George there. He's very affectionate and followed us around the room.

The next three are from the adult rooms. The first is Kamin. A very vocal little girl. Her tongue stayed out while she purred loudly. I'd call her "agressively affectionate". She seeks you out and demands you pet her. The next guy is "Fang". Look at the teeth, you'll see where he gets his name. Quite content to let you come to him to pet him and remain where he is while you do. Last (but not least) is Bananas. Very playful boy, loved being petted. My kids had a lot of fun with the ribbon on a stick with him.

As always, they have lots of cats up for adoption. Every color, shape, size and age.

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