Monday, December 20, 2010

Man am I off..

I managed to mess up the dates on two different weekends. Last weekend (11th-12th) I had written down that I needed to pick up my Angel Food order. I wasn't actually supposed to pick it up until this past weekend (18th). Fortunately, all I did was wake up early to go before I figured out my mistake. THIS weekend, I had written down that I had a meeting as an Ambassador for the Aquarium. That was actually last weekend (12th. I didn't realize the second mistake until I actually went to the Aquarium for the meeting. Can I say "oops"? The sad thing is that I got the bright idea that since I had to be there, my family should go and check out the aquarium at the same time.. At least they enjoyed checking out some of the new animals. Let's hope the holidays help me get my schedule back online and me back on time..
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