Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Georgia Aquarium

Well, after my scheduling faux pas, here is a selection of the photos I took after I met back up with my family. My pictures of the baby sea otters were blurry (they don't hold still well) and I didn't attempt the belugas.

Giant Grouper

Sea Star holding on to the side of it's exhibit with most of it upside down..

New sea horse exhibit in Tropical Diver. Many varieties of fish in there as well.

Green sea urchin upside down.. see the mouth in the center?

The green sea turtle was holding still and watching the people.

This is an upside down jelly.. new on exhibit in Tropical Diver.

Albino Alligator up close and personal.

The Weeki-Wachee Mermaids are at the Aquarium for a very short time. I wasn't as impressed with this as I could be, but many guests found it fascinating.

Of course, it being the holidays, Santa was taking a break and helping our divers to feed the fish. Check the Aquarium schedule, he may still be around some more this week.

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