Monday, August 09, 2010

World's Best Cat Litter (Review)

Recently I was sent a bag of World's Best Cat Litter to sample and review. Unfortunately it was not their multi-cat formula, but since I do have three cats, it was easy enough to swap out one of our boxes with the sample. I wasn't sure if my cats would even try it (they're a bit set in their ways), but who knew? At first glance, the litter isn't much to write home about, but what litter is? I found the scent to be acceptable (smelled kind of like hay or straw) and not at all dusty.

After a week of letting my cats use the litter (and they did indeed decide it was acceptable), here's what I noted.

  • Not dusty - we normally use Tidy Cats which when poured is VERY dusty.
  • Clumps rather loosely - compared to Tidy Cats, the smaller clumps tended to fall apart. The bigger clumps, though, did fine.
  • Better scent - I really preferred the scent of this to our normal brand.
  • Cats used it - which is always a big thing at my house, we've tried others, they haven't accepted them.
  • Price is kind of high - well, I'd call it a premium litter, so the cost goes up. A large bag online runs around $35. As fast as we go through litter, that's a bit much for us to be able to afford. The bag we had was small and NOT their multi-cat, so it may be that a bigger bag of their multi- will last as long or longer than one of our regular brand.
  • Flushable - Which means I don't have to put it in a bag and into the garbage every day. I recycle my plastic grocery bags (which I get when I forget to use my cloth bags)with cat litter. Now, they can do something else.
  • Little to no tracking - always an issue at my house. I found myself sweeping up dust/tracked litter from our normal brand but didn't see any from World's Best.

    Will I try it again? Most likely. I'd really like to get a big bag of their multi-cat formula and see how long it actually lasts. I couldn't give that part a fair review. If/when I do, I'll try to update things here to let you know how it turned out.

    An important side note as was given me from World's Best:
    "World’s Best Cat Litter™ has launched a new charity that will donate much-needed cat litter to animal shelters and rescue organizations! The World’s Best Cat Litter™ Charity enables our fans on Facebook to donate litter and vote on 3 great organizations who will receive all of the litter at the end of 45 days!"

    You can go to their web site and find their links to facebook (where the voting is being held) as well as on Twitter.

    (I was given a sample of this litter to try and give my honest opinion of. I was not in any way compensated or otherwise influenced.)

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