Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birmingham Zoo

After meeting my sister on Friday to get my kids, I decided we needed to go to the Birmingham Zoo. Since we're members of Zoo Atlanta, we get 1/2 price tickets. We had already decided we wouldn't make it to Huntsville to do the museum that day, so it gave us something else to do before heading to a hotel. The zoo itself is under construction. Probably around 1/2 of it is fenced off. It looks like they're building a brand new area for the elephants and other animals native to Africa. I'd love to be able to go back in a year to see how it all worked out. I have to send out kudos, too, to a couple of the employees there. I didn't note name, but I will say that the lady that met us to sell the tickets was extra friendly. The gentleman who worked maintenance (fixing a window for the miniature quail) was helpful as well. If it weren't so hot, I might have remembered to get names, as it was if this is noticed by the higher ups there, they should be able to figure out who I mean.

Anyway, despite the construction, we had a nice visit. They're nothing like Zoo Atlanta, even if they have similar animals. I like their layout (though I'm sure I'd like it better once they're done rerouting people). They also have a fountain area for the kids to play in, which if we lived in the area we'd probably take advantage of like the other parents that were there.

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