Friday, July 23, 2010

Sea World's Aquatica

We had a dual pass between Sea World and Aquatica. We took a day and visited the water park. It was a long day and my kids had a blast. A couple of recommendations and notes, though. We had tickets that were unlimited visits for 14 days. If you have one of those, you might consider breaking the visit into two days. The later in the day, we found the smaller the lines to the more popular slides. More of the 'free' chairs were available as well. The later in the day, though, the less likely you are to get a locker. You might consider getting a cabana as well. Reserve it online so that it's there when you arrive. It looks like a lot of money, but you get covered chairs, a locker, towels, and a refrigerator filled with sodas and water. Very convenient, that.

Second, there is a restaurant in the middle front that has unlimited visits for one price. You can pay $20 for one all-you-can-eat buffet visit, or $26 for all you want all-you-can-eat visits. We went all out and it paid for itself in drinks if nothing else. The restaurant is the Banana Beach Cookout. Primarily hamburgers/hotdogs for cuisine, but our second visit they had put out nachos.

The 'big' draw slide is their Dolphin Plunge. It takes you through a dolphin display pool. The portion of the tube that goes through is clear to give you the opportunity to see the dolphins as you go by. Unfortunately, we found that you go too fast to see much of anything. The rest of the tube is dark and right after the clear section you're done. A bit of a disappointment to us, but still a fun slide.

The rest of the water park is what you'd expect from a water park. Two wave pools, misc. slides, tubing slides, kids play area, etc.

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