Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sea World

When we go to visit my folks, we generally don't get the opportunity to see Sea World. Being a volunteer at the Aquarium, I always want to go see more fish when I travel. So we took some of our timeshare points and got tickets for the family to go.

My daughter and I took the time to feed the sea lions (beware the birds!) and the sharks (at Shark Encounter). The sea lions looked to have been fed quite a bit before we got there, so they seemed to be playing with the fish more than eating it. The birds, of course, knew this so they'd swoop to get fish asap. The sharks and rays were cool to watch eating their shrimp.

We actually were at the shark encounter right at lunch time and were lucky enough to get a 12:15 seating at the restaurant there. Reminiscent of the Living Seas restaurant at EPCOT, one wall of the restaurant was a window into their shark exhibit. We got a really cool seat where we could look directly in. My only complaint was cost of food. Average cost for an adult lunch was about $23. You do, though, get a good size serving and the food was VERY good.

We visited dolphin cove and considered feeding the dolphins, but the cost more than tripled to do so. For $17 per person, you get an 'exclusive' area to feed the dolphins and a chance to touch. We had to pass on that and just watched. One of the dolphins in the cove, though, took matters into his own fins. He decided to jump right in front of us and splash us good. I did get a shot of him doing it, though.

I had too many pictures to post directly here, so I created a scrapblog.

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