Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Summer Reading

If you weren't aware of it, a lot of places really help push summer reading for our kids. In my area there's Barnes & Noble, Borders, and the Gwinnett County Library. I've signed my kids up for all 3 and here's a brief break down of how they work.

Barnes and Noble has a 'passport' program. Your child reads 8 books, fills out their passport and bring it to your local Barnes and Noble. They'll get to pick one of the adventure books offered on the passport.

Borders has their 'Double Dare'. Your child will read 10 books, fill out their form (which a parent signs to confirm and brings it to their local Borders. They'll get to pick one of the books listed on the form there as well.

Gwinnett County Library you can register online or in person at a local branch. Parents and kids set a goal, which when achieved earns the kids a certificate. They'll also get coupons (usually to chick-fil-a or some such), bookmarks, etc.

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