Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Museum of Patriotism

After visiting the Aquarium on Father's Day, we headed across the street to the National Museum of Patriotism. I won tickets from "Field Trips with Sue" and hadn't had the chance to get out there to check it out before now. They had a scavenger hunt that my kids did while we were there. It was a good thing because it made my kids slow down and actually LOOK at what was there. Something they would have seen, but not really paid a lot of attention to. Definitely worth the effort as far as I was concerned. The museum also has a portion of the citizenship test available for you to give a try. My son scored 92%. My daughter and my husband each scored 100% (my daughter watched her brother take it first). I flunked at 65%. Sad, but true.

Freedom bike from the Sydney Olympics

Names from 9-11. This portion of the exhibit actually has pieces of the plane and the towers.

Award podium from the 1996 Olympics

The museum itself isn't very big, but it is very interesting. With information about immigration, the Olympics, the military and lots more on display. If you're downtown definitely worth the stop-in visit.

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