Friday, March 13, 2009

King Tut

The kids were supposed to have today off. I didn't expect the snow to actually cause problems. I'd purchased tickets to go see the Tut exhibit for the family today. We can't get refunds and we can't afford to not use them. I could have paid $6 per ticket extra as "insurance" against this, but I couldn't do the extra $24 and still afford to go. So, I'm going to play "bad mommy" I think and keep my kids out for 1/2 day.

I have mentioned the trip to my children's teachers. My daughter's teacher would love to have my daughter write something about her adventure, so I'll take a journal along for her to write in. My son's teacher hasn't decided, though I may have him do it as well as practice. Both of my children have bad handwriting, so it'll be good for that anyway.

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