Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alternative to Home School

After talking to another teacher at our school, I found out that transfers are possible between schools. However, it's up to the principals at the schools in question to allow it to happen. It's called a permissive transfer. So, I did some research on the transfers. I discovered that the Gwinnett County school web site doesn't have the info on it easily locatable. (I still haven't found it.) Though the school I'd prefer my son to go to DOES have some of the info available. It's not overly specific, but it IS there. If it comes down to it, I have a friend who's son will go to that school, so I could drop mine off at her house to catch the bus to/from school. I talked with her about it somewhat today, so it's definitely an option.

It kinda adds confusion to the possibilities, but it's an alternative that my husband wanted me to check into. I have to find the forms and such, but it has been determined to be an option.

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